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Ward Myers, the stepfather of the current owner Alex, was a cook and baker, in Alaska. He worked in remote logging camps where fresh baked goods and homemade meals were nearly impossible to obtain. He and his wife, Lydia (Alex's mother), moved to the Snoqualmie Valley and opened The Original Brown Bag Cafe in 1979 in Carnation Washington. The restaurant was an instant hit! It provided the loggers of the area with a hot, cooked meal as early as 4 a.m.! While they were eating their hearty breakfast, they were having Ward pack them a homemade "Brown Bag" lunch, for later in the day.

This was truly a family business. Ward was the cook and baker. Alex worked as the baker, and at times as the server and even the dishwasher. Michelle (Alex's sister) worked as a server/hostess and cashier. All the while Lydia did the books, supervised the front end and hosted and cashiered. Before long it was the favorite destination of not only locals, but tourists as well.

In 1989 Alex purchased The Original Brown Bag Cafe restaurant from his mother. In 1991 he opened the Redmond Brown Bag Cafe and, opened the much larger Kirkland Brown Cafe in 1994. The Original Brown Bag Cafe in Carnation was sold in 1994.

Brown Bag Food Facts

The restaurant averages 10,000 pounds of potatoes per month, over a ton, yes a TON a week to make our signature mounds of fresh hash brown potatoes. The Brown Bag always uses the highest quality vendors to provide the highest quality meats and produce.